At Elite Invest, we believe our tenants are just as important to us as our landlords.

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Applying for a property

To process your application most agents will require the following:

100 points of IDENTIFICATION. Points will vary from agent to agent but they will usually have the same types of identification listed. Common identifications are:

  • driver’s licence
  • passport
  • birth certificate
  • financial information
  • recent payslip, and bank statement
  • recent rent slips

You will also need references to accompany your application. If you have rented before one reference will need to be from either the owner or agent. The other can be from your employer, etc. If you have not rented before you can submit references from employer, etc.

Application approved

Once your application has been approved, you will be asked to pay the following money:

  • Holding deposit – equivalent to one (1) week rent

On the day you sign your lease, you will be required to pay the following money:

  • 1 week rent in advance (this is a standard request)
  • Bond – equivalent of four (4) weeks rent.
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Tenant Portal

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Tenants can have the ability to view either a recent or past tenant ledger; contact their property manager by email; retrieve their username and password;view tenancy information; view their property manager's contact numbers; and view property information including photo, rent paid to, invoices outstanding, last paid date, lease dates.

Vacating a Property

We ask that before the final inspection you:

  • Ensure that the agent’s office has your new forwarding address and phone number.
  • You pay your rent until the vacating date.
  • Return all keys to the agent’s office including letterbox keys.
  • Arrange disconnection of your telephone, electricity and gas supply.
  • Re-direct all mail to your new address.